Phoenix, AZ: HomeBuilder.Link launches today in Phoenix, AZ – enabling new home builders to begin marketing in real time to prospective buyers throughout the home buying cycle.
Featuring one click install functionality that quickly connects with potential purchasers’ mobile devices, the platform proves there is no more simple way to advertise and educate than via mobile wallet marketing.

“New home builders can set up mobile campaigns designed to target prospective buyers based on a variety of qualifiers – and continue to market to these prospects from the discovery phase all the way through the closing”, says Michael Maloney, president of Atlas Rewards Corp, the creator of the HomeBuilder.LINK platform.

Multiple distribution options for builders include short URLs that can be accessed from email, SMS, social/search ads, or existing web pages, as well as QR codes scanned from print collateral. Updates to existing campaigns or transitions to new campaigns are also seamless, quick and unobtrusive from a consumer prospective. The feature set includes:

  • Simple setup and updates – HomeBuilder.LINK handles the data entry and campaign creation and updates
  • Geofencing, iBeacons, and time sensitive notification options offer multiple opportunities to message prospects based on multiple criteria
  • One click installs for interested buyers mean there is NO intermediate app to build, distribute or maintain – everything goes through native apps already in the device

About Atlas Rewards Corp – Atlas Rewards is a leader in mobile marketing and a premiere SaaS provider of mobile wallet marketing solutions across a number of industries and verticals. Offering clients the opportunity to create and manage campaigns on mobile devices without the hassle of building, distributing or supporting a stand alone app, while managing advertising and marketing costs more efficiently with a monthly subscription model. AtlasRewards.net provides clients integrations with Apple Wallet (formerly Apple Passbook), iBeacons, geofencing, Google Wallet, and more.

For more information, please go to HomeBuilder.LINK