Retailers in 2015 will realize that upgrading their technology is in their best interest as the marketplace unveils new tools and platforms that are available this year, creating the standard among merchants in upcoming years.

Direct distribution channel retailing

Retailers will realize the marriage between technology and promotions is its’ ball and chain. In 2015, more and more retailers will give their customers the ability to engage and provide valuable promotions directly to their mobile device.

Mobile Wallets

The next generation will wonder why we ever carried around such cumbersome padding with us. Although wallets may not be going anywhere soon, mobile wallets are becoming increasingly used. Built in apps like Passbook are on nearly every smartphone.  PayPal, Google Wallet, Samsung Wallet and the heavily anticipated launch of CurrentC are likely to take part of the payment pie. According to Domino Research, mobile payments will increase to $90 billion in the next few years.

In-Store Personalized Shopping Experiences

The use of iBeacons and beacon technology is on the rise. These Bluetooth Low Energy devices are already in MLB stadiums and effectively prompt each opt-in subscriber with notices including real time sports updates and promotion  within the stadium.  In the loyalty arena, Sephora reported that their Beauty Insider program garnered 600,000 signups in the first week alone, all but eliminating the need for a plastic card.


More stores are looking to upgrade their payment system with simplified displays. Retailers looking to achieve this can do it by a simply buying a tablet to run their mPOS system. Most tablets are versatile enough to act as a payments terminal and work with mobile wallets like Google Wallet, Apple Pay and PayPal Wallet.

The biggest present that Apple gave themselves this holiday season is the launch of Apple Pay, enabling millions of transactions directly from iPhone 6/6+ using a section of Passbook.

Passbook is what holds your customer’s digital coupons and loyalty passes. Conversion to real time passes eliminates paper waste and solves lost card issues while effectively marketing directly to a customer on the mobile device.


According to a study found via Domino Research, consumers on average are enrolled into 7-8 loyalty programs. Members report that reasons they stop using a loyalty program include up to 53% citing irrelevant reward offerings and slow reward accumulation as reasons to opt out.

More retailers will realize the success of continuing to beef up their loyal efforts for 2015. The plastic loyalty card is being replaced by the digital pass held in Google Wallet and Passbook, which also serves to increase consumer rewards through social interaction, while giving merchants shopping behavior stats and more.

It’s not just big box stores that are using this technology for customer engagement and fulfillment; it’s now available to every retail store and restaurant on your corner strip mall.

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