Affordable Mobile Wallet Technology for Small and Medium Businesses

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Mobile Wallet Marketing Technology

Both Google Wallet and Apple Wallet (formerly Apple Passbook) offer mobile wallet marketing technology.  Many large businesses such as Sephora,  Starbucks, and United Airlines are using mobile wallet technology as a marketing tool.  By creating mobile wallet marketing campaigns for their customers to install in their smartphones, they are able to:

  • Engage customers in real time
  • adapt to their wants and needs
  • provide a superior encounter each time you meet

Mobile wallet marketing technology platforms are not limited to large chain corporations or big box stores.  Normal businesses can use this technology in place of an app, saving a lot of money in tech and distribution.

When iBeacons and geofencing are added to the mobile wallet marketing campaign, businesses can send relevant messages to their customers when they are near a specific location or in the proximity of an iBeacon – furthering the context specific messages that customers will respond to – increasing revenue and ROI.

  • Use Wallet as Primary Mobile Payment Method* 40% 40%
  • Male Users 47% 47%
  • Female Users 53% 53%
  • Age 18-34 55% 55%
  • Age 35-54 35% 35%

*Neilsen’s Q2 2014 Mobile Wallet Report

How Can Mobile Wallet Marketing Help My Business?

Mobile wallet installs, mobile coupons and mobile marketing passes are stored in the customers smartphone.  Updates, contextual or location based notifications are immediately sent to the device and updates are pushed to the users lock screen.

Atlas Rewards has introduced a platform that online marketers, agencies, real estate offices and more can use to engage and communicate with prospects 24/7.

Offering the same features – instant offers, geofencing, digital branding, mobile wallet marketing and 24/7 engagement – as the big businesses, offers small to mid-sized businesses the chance to:

  • try the platform with no risk
  • simple and speedy implementation
  • create and distribute new campaigns in less than five minutes

A simple admin panel encourages outside the box thinking with an intuitive interface and lots of options.  This is a pay-as-you-go system that doesn’t require merchants to sign long term contracts or worry about complicated installations, setup, or maintenance.  Business owners and marketers can focus on their prospects and existing customers instead of worrying about tech updates and consumer device compatibility. 

Try this new technology with no long term contract, no commitment and watch it improve your sales and profits.  It takes less than 5 minutes to create a new campaign, add iBeacons and geofencing and make it live.