There are only so many events or conferences that companies can go to, you have to pick wisely.

You want to look for ones that have the best value to it and come home with the best leads. As an exhibitor there are a few things you might consider doing differently to get an edge over the competition and even your booth neighbors.

Ask yourself these questions:

What are you going to do different at your next conference or event?

Do you have better booth, better business cards?

Where are your getting your leads from?

Are you giving a way a prize at your booth?

Its time to draw attendees to your business and booth, earn more leads and add value to conferences by engaging with them using mobile updates as part of your event marketing strategy.




Have the flock come to you with our event guide we teach you to use mobile:


  • update and notify attendees, staff, sponsors and vendors with scheduled changes or additions
  • engage potential clients and inform current ones to your booth locations
  • market your offer right to the lock screen of any smartphone.


We created this book to help you realize the full potential of getting more value out of your booth when attending trade shows, conferences or events.

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What are the advantages of this event marketing guide?

  • Exhibitors will be tuned into the latest mobile technology in an easy way to engage with attendees
  • Continue to build your brand identity with the consumer in a semi-conspicuous location
  • Lock screen and other notifications can be triggered by a variety of methods.
  • Mobile messaging is infinitely flexible and always changeable


Use mobile marketing to build your event marketing strategy is a lasting trend. Your competitors are already using it. Download your copy of the event marketing guide for free to get started on using mobile for your next event. 

Get your copy NOW

Don’t wait until after your event to seek a mobile experience, get it BEFORE!

If you have more questions about the event guide, then get in contact with us, we’re happy to help. 

Mobile wallet passes that are used with this event guide is a simple process to set up and simple to encounter for any exhibitor, vendor and event producer.