Chief Takeaway: Mobile Web vs. Mobile Apps

Our thoughts:

  • This is really a moot point.  Most apps will never see anywhere near the adoption they need to even begin to contemplate breaking even.  Business owners will find themselves stuck supporting something that only their most loyal customers use, and they’ll really be stuck, in that regard.
  • Mobile web is still a hard sell to people because it really doesn’t mean anything.  Is it responsive web pages?  AMP?  HTML5?  What’s the ROI on building separate websites for mobile?  Most SMBs can’t really understand how to build for desktop, let’s not kill them with a duplicate effort.
  • The convenience factor of mobile wallets has a long way to go as a payment method.  Look to mobile wallets as a marketing and branding extension of existing campaigns.  Then factor in the contextual element and it’s very difficult not to see that this is a green field opportunity.

The article says:

Moovweb notes that brands are realizing that more and more customers have more than one device — and that they need to engage with them appropriately. The company wrote in a recent report that roughly 2/3 of Americans own at least two digital devices, and more than 1/3 of people own a desktop computer, smartphone and a tablet or laptop.

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Every couple of years the HTML5 (mobile web) vs the app ecosystem battle rears its’ head again; this time is no different, and we’ll have to wait and see if HTML5 gets a leg up in this round or not.