Apple’s recent announcement that they’ll be integrating with mobile commerce websites later in the year is a welcome surprise for most (unless you happen to be Paypal’s Buy Now button or Amazon’s One Click pay)  – since nearly anything that removes the friction of purchasing something online should be a good thing.

One young man wonders if perhaps this could clean up the current in-app purchasing chaos and bring a little bit of order to the universe…

Club memberships, hotel rooms, and tickets aren’t really physical goods any more than a subscription for digital content is. So that nice clear line is starting to look a bit more like a squiggly dotted one.

There is a fundamental difference between Apple Pay and IAP, and it’s this: Apple doesn’t take its 30 percent cut with Apple Pay. That’s because unlike in IAP, Apple doesn’t act as the payment processor—rather it works with third-party services or with a company’s own in-house payment processing system. That seems a fair enough trade-off.

Catch the rest of the story in MacWorld – that’s where we found it. 

The fundamental sameness between the two?  That often overlooked fact that the customer still belongs to Apple – transactions using Apple Pay remove a layer of customer data from the merchants, and hand it over neatly to Apple.  While they say they aren’t sharing data, they sure do have a lot of very important bits and pieces.