As mobile payments remain a hot topic, the discussion moves out from the first movers like Silicon Valley and into the hinterlands (no disrespect intended but places like Orlando and Jacksonville FL are not exactly tech hubs…), it’s good to keep up with what some of the folks who probably don’t have their collective heads up their Silicon Valley behinds are thinking when it comes to the new tech.

Apple faces stiff competition in the mobile payment market from Google’s Android Pay and Samsung Pay. In addition, JPMorgan Chase will introduce a mobile wallet later this year, while Wal-Mart also will expand its payment service nationwide. Both Apple and Google employ near-field communication (NFC), which allows users to tap and pay but only at machines that have updated NFC technology. Samsung also uses NFC, but allows for purchases on machines that use the more popular magnetic stripe reading.

The only thing we really miss about the hinterland reporting is the lack of fact checking;  its not that they’ve got it blatantly wrong, it is, however, that they sometimes miss the real point in things.

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Editors note – the House of Mouse, that Orlando standby and purveyor of all things magical, absolutely takes Android Pay and Apple Pay  ;)