Apple Wallet Shakes the Mobile Payments Tree at WWDC 2015

WWDC, the annual Apple developers conference was in San Francisco, and the keynote announcements were everything they were rumored to be!

First, there are lots of new features and upgrades are slated for the iPhone and iPad, including:

  • the newfound ability to block ads in iOS by installing a Safari extension from the App Store
  • contextual voice updates to Siri
  • music subscription service release from the purchase of Beats Music last year

Next on our list is the immediate compatibility between the new Pinterest “Buy It” button and Apple Pay!

Just when you thought things were going stagnant with mobile payments for the rest of the year, Apple announces that they’re changing the name of Passbook to Apple Wallet. Next month Apple plans to introduce a new rewards program that will implement “perks” into the mobile payments system for retailers, and that Square’s register will be able to accept Apple Pay by the fall.

[Tweet “Plans are on deck for the release of Apple Pay in the UK this summer, and Canada later in the year.  “]

What Does The Digital Wallet Offer Business Owners?

Retailers and techies, across all industries, are embracing technological advances in the world of digital branding – most noticeably with digital business cards, which will be easily dropping them into your Apple Wallet on your iPhone or Apple Watch.

Create a pass that will provide your personal brand in digital format by linking:

  • social media profiles
  • direct call links
  • email links
  • updated blogs

Engage followers by providing updated venue changes as easily as announcing over a loud speaker; online marketers can add upsells or cross sell opportunities to the back of a pass, and realtors can build lead prospects while swapping out property listings.

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With the twists and turns of announcements from WWDC this week, we shouldn’t forget that Samsung has already dropped their Samsung Wallet. Earlier this year it made way for the new Samsung Pay with technology it acquired from LoopPay.  Also, look for PayPal to market themselves continually as the leader in mobile payments. The rest of this year and the start of the next will become competitive in the mobile payments area and more commonplace, practical uses of mobile wallet marketing using digital business cards will be in the fray.

Mobile wallet platform solutions as MobileWalletMarketer are even more relevant offerings for digital marketers.  A pure sign of techie sophistication is virtually handing over your digital business card easily using AirDrop, the native sharing application in iOS. is the pioneer is mobile wallet marketing. Drop passes directly into your mobile wallet with Apple Wallet and Android Pay.

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