We hear about Apple Pay more frequently now than ever.

Websites like TheStreet and a few others love to give Apple a hard time, and maybe they deserve it.  They’re just not creating the iPod and the iPhone every day, over and over again.

But you know what?  That’s not only impossible to do, it’s not really practical either.  If we were faced with brand new technology every single day, as an integral part of our lives, we would never manage to learn to use it.

But this is a great article about how something not so new – Apple Pay and Apple Watch – turned out to be perfect for what they are designed to do.

But when I managed to leave my wallet at home on Friday evening, Apple Pay made it a non-event …

I discovered my idiocy when I got to my local train station. But I scarcely missed a beat: just double-clicked the side button on my Apple Watch and all was well.

Take it for a test drive

So here we are, only two years into Apple Pay and even less time into Apple Watch, and it’s already enough to save you the trip home to get your wallet if you forget it.  You don’t have to have the Watch, simply having your iPhone 6 or better will do the trick.

All-in-all, Apple Pay turned what could have been a major hassle into a non-event.

That’s the point.  Not that you should cut your credit cards up and throw them in the trash; no, you should have options that don’t require you to carry a fat wallet stuffed with a variety of plastic around.

You can do it with mobile, you can do it with the Watch.  Even Microsoft announced some new iteration of a Wallet app for their oh-so-unpopular Lumia phone last week.  Everyone’s going there, it’s bound to happen.

Two years from now we’ll probably all be laughing about how we didn’t realize that the backup convenience of the phone was so timely.