Brookside Members Lunch @ The Turn iPhone App

  • Access The Turn menu from the iPhone Lunch @ The Turn app
  • Direct dial The Turn to order by pressing the phone number link on app or menu page
  • See daily specials or other announcements directly in the app
  • Easy to install, easy to use
  • Reminder notifications at tee box #8 and #9
  • Maintain pace of play AND have a delicious meal waiting when you make the turn

Watch the short video below:


Lunch @ The Turn App for iPhone

There are several ways you can install Lunch @ The Turn on your iPhone.


  • Click Here.  This will start the install process directly on your iPhone.  The app will ask you if you would like to install the pass in your Apple Wallet (formerly Passbook) – choose Yes.
  • Directly type this URL into the Safari browser on your iPhone –     This will also bring up the request to install the pass.   Again, choose Yes.
  • If you received the link in an email from Brookside, click through the link from the email while using your iPhone to view the email.  Again, this will bring up the request to install.  You guessed it! Choose Yes. 
  • Open the Apple Wallet (formerly Passbook) app on your iPhone.  
  • If you have previously installed passes (boarding passes, loyalty cards, etc) then you will need to click the + symbol in the upper right hand corner.  
  • If you have not installed passes before, then a white screen with the option – Scan Code to Add a Pass – will appear halfway down the screen.   Press this option and the camera will open.  Point the camera at the QR code below and the pass will appear and again, choose Yes if it asks if you would like to install.
  • If you have an iPhone, Apple Wallet (formerly Passbook) is already installed – Apple is the creator of Wallet (formerly Passbook) and manages the settings, privacy and security.  Only Apple has access to your private data (we do not, nor does the club).

The Passbook App Icon

This is the Passbook icon on your iPhone.  Depending on how many apps you have installed, it may not be on the front page.  If you use folders, you may have placed it in a folder.

Scan Using the QR Code to Add

This is the screen that enables you to scan the QR code and add Lunch @ The Turn App to your passbook using the camera.  If you have previously installed passes, you may have to click the + symbol in the upper right hand corner of the passes list screen.

Scan This QR Code with Passbook

This is the QR code that will add the pass to your Passbook if you wish to install via this method.

iPhone Dialer App

How To Use the Lunch @ The Turn App

When you receive a notification (or if you want to order and aren’t on the course), open the Apple Wallet (formerly Passbook) app, and select Lunch @ The Turn from the installed passes.  Press the small “i” symbol in the bottom right corner and the pass will flip over to the back.  The back contains the links to both the menu page and the phone dialer.  If you’d like to see the menu, press the link and it will open in a new window.

Once you have decided what you’d like to order, simply press the phone number on the pass or on the menu page.  The Phone Dialer will launch automatically and you’ll be connected with The Turn.  Place your order as usual, and finish playing the front nine.


Deleting the Lunch @ The Turn App

Should you decide that you do not wish to use the app any longer, deletion is very simple.  Open your Passbook, turn the card over, and select Delete.

Questions or Comments?  Email us – — or catch us at the club, we’ll be happy to answer them for you.  We’d love any feedback you might have as well!