Chief takeaway: Mobile commerce eases ad blocking 

Our thoughts:

  • Mobile commerce is getting bigger every day, especially in developing countries without legacy desktop populations.
  • Payments are a difficult sell in countries where plastic reigns supreme, since there’s no real problem to be solved (other than forgetting your wallet).
  • Alternatives to marketing via mobile devices are the SINGLE MOST attractive feature of mobile wallets at the moment.

From the article –

With ad blocking becoming more of a real threat, Bradtke believes giving offers as part of the exchange could actually help people like mobile ads more, rather than become a problem for the business.

Read the rest of the story on their website – 

As the creator of a mobile wallet marketing platform, we’re absolutely onboard with the idea.  You’re likely reading this inside Facebook or Apple News, and they’re both proving that the walled garden, control the traffic concept is something they believe in.