What?  Email is too slow for customer service?  WTH?

No, seriously, we found it on the internet, so it must be true!

Email solutions, however, were designed in the era where desktops and PCs were our primary computing devices. With the ubiquity of the smartphone, companies across a wide range of industries are now shifting their communications to mobile. Smartphones are consumers’ constant companion, making them the optimal platform for delivering time-sensitive transactional messages.

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The chief takeaway here is that in this day and age, people expect some kind of instant response to every thing they say or do, and if they don’t get it, they don’t respond well. 

We’re guilty – we admit to hounding the cable company on Twitter to get someone out to check our internet connection.  Or making a snide comment or two on Facebook when the service wasn’t quite up to snuff at a restaurant.

Everyone does it.  But we also like emailed receipts, hate support by committee forums (except on Facebook of all things!), and in our own business, well, we will communicate with the customers however they think is best – within reason.

If we’re pushing the mobile event tickets for your charity gala and your guest of honor is changed at the last minute, of course we’re on board at 5 pm on Saturday to make sure your updates are done and pushed to all your attendee tickets.  

But we’re not going to spend Sunday morning hunting down an invoice from two years ago that wasn’t paid on time (no more of that, we don’t do net at all now) for you to file your back taxes a year late because, because, um, because deadline or something. ;)