First it was Messenger.  Then it was Instant Articles.

Now it’s an unconnected ad platform that Facebook intends to use to wrest control of the world from Google and the NSA and make America great again.

Ok, maybe it’s not exactly that.

But it is kind of a big deal.  Facebook’s current reach is about 1.6 BILLION people.  That is a lot, I don’t care whose abacus you are using.

Apparently that’s not enough for Facebook, and the Atlas (completely unrelated to us) ad server they purchased from Microsoft a few years ago is being launched upon the rest of the non-FB world.

We snagged this quote from a Mediapost article last week – 

While Facebook said the goal of the expansion is to create better user experiences for consumers and advertisers, it also consolidates more market power behind what observers increasingly describe as Facebook’s “walled garden,” making it an even more important gatekeeper of the ads people see, or now, the ones they don’t.

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Will marketers rejoice and consumers sign heavily?  Or will anyone besides the marketer types even notice?