Phoenix Marketing International tracks Apple Pay adoption and other stats and they’ve released some new figures for us to chew on.  It seems that while retailers who are using the payments type are somewhat struggling, the in-app purchasing via Apple Pay is off to a hot running start.

The survey also revealed some of the more popular Apple Pay retailer brands. In-store retailers with the highest foot traffic for Apple Pay credit card users were McDonald’s and Apple itself – with over 40% of Apple Pay credit card users making at least one Apple Pay credit card transaction over the last 5 months. Other leading retailers included Macy’s (36%) and Subway 32%. Apple also topped the list of retailers accepting at least one in-app Apple Pay credit card transaction (43%) followed by Target (36%) and Nike (29%).

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It will be interesting to see how it shakes out later in the year when Apple does the launch of Apple Pay for mobile commerce websites.  It’s quite possible that the ‘thumb and go’ could push the Buy Now and the One Click payment options to the virtual curb.