As Kim Stuart has mentioned in previous mobile wallet blogs, Google wants to recreate the Google Wallet experience beyond the e-commerce of Android Pay. They’re looking to incorporate new technologies into their mobile wallet with a touch-less payment system piloted as Google’s Hands Free. According to the Google Commerce blog, their latest pilot project known as Hands Free is looking for testers in the South Bay area. According to Pali Bhat, Senior Director of Product Management, we “…wanted to explore what the future of mobile payments could look like. Imagine if you could rush through a drive-thru without reaching for your wallet…”

Which is why they’re looking for beta-testers as they’re still in the early stages of Hands Free “…lets you pay in stores quickly, easily and completely hands free.”

We’re interested to see the Google Wallet team is creating new tech innovations to their mobile wallet to challenge the long lead-time that Apple Wallet is having on them.

Using the right tech that works with mobile wallets is still be discovered.

Google may be able to leap frog over Apple with it but I predict Samsung Wallet being able to forge forward with this technology tho their mobile wallet. I can’t wait to see what other tech innovations will become part of our mobile wallet marketing experience. 

For those of you that do live the South Bay area and are interested be involved in Google’s Hands Free payment pilot project. Here’s more information:

Know that they’ll start you off with $5 towards your first purchase.