It an article in USA Today mentioned that using payment apps on your smartphone is the way the world is moving forward.

Cash is NOT king anymore, nor is carrying around plastic cards. Payments are now commonly becoming a tap to pay system, all from the convenience of your mobile phone. Mobile pay apps is where the money is – do you follow?

Apple’s Apple Pay competes against Android Pay, PayPal and Walmart Pay apps. It sits inside of Apple Wallet, an app thats on all iPhones in the world!

This mobile wallet app can do more than just make payments to retail stores. Its how modern businesses promote themselves on an iPhone without the high costs of building their own app.

Apps in Apple’s Appstore are costly, a pass in Apple Wallet is not. Lock screen notifications are mobile updates that businesses use to engage and communicate their brand to their consumer.

Brand awareness skyrockets with passes in a mobile wallet like Apple Wallet.


One way that WE use our mobile wallet pass inside Apple Wallet is to acquire more listeners for our podcast, Mobile Wallet Marketing Made Easy. This is our podcast marketing pass product Podcast Marketer – is a pass inside of Apple Wallet.


This pass markets our podcast to our target audience- We know this because everyone who’s installed our Podcast Marketer pass is a listener – a loyal one. 


This is how we engage with our target audience. A mobile update on the iPhone lock screen lets our listeners know that a new episode is ready, and they can listen right then with one tap from their mobile phone. 

This is all found all in one place, right inside Apple Wallet!


What else does an Apple Wallet pass do?


The back of the pass is where you direct your target audience to go:


We direct our listeners to our listen links on iTunes, Stitcher, etc.

One tap gets you in contact with us:


Call or email preferences all with one tap – all from one place. Guide your consumers’ journey on the back of your pass to engaging links. The mobile update on our  Mobile Wallet Marketing Made Easy pass is to engage them to listen to our most recent podcast.

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There are many benefits to branding yourself or company through mobile updates. Think of it like this, your digital business card is sitting next to Apple Pay inside of Apple Wallet. 

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Market yourself with any smartphone, the same way. Talk to us anytime to discuss more benefits. 

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Apple Wallet makes it simple to carry around peoples contact information, all from one pass – all from one place! Users open a mobile wallet to pay for items. Position yourself next to Apple Pay in Applet Wallet. 

This is how smart companies market themselves with Apple Wallet, with a pass inside a mobile wallet. Increase engagement and communicate with your prospects and clients, get more leads with mobile marketing strategies.