IAB Concerned About FTC Guidance for Native Ads

Of course the Interactive Advertising Bureau is asking the Federal Trade Commission to proceed with caution.  The FTC published some new ‘guidance’, which is basically parlance for “comply or else”, just like the FTC is wont to do with nearly all of their suggestions.  

At risk?  Native advertising – which pretty much consists of ads disguised as articles or other content – is going to have to be properly disclosed, in the same manner that bloggers have to disclose any relationships they may have with those who products they endorse in their blogging or public experiences.

[Tweet “Native is just about the only effective means of advertising; maybe video still works…”]

MediaPost has a nice little article that talks about the IAB position in more detail – we’ll keep you updated as more folks weigh in on the topic.  We’re formulating our own commentary as well, but we’d like to finish reading all the text before we start criticizing it  ;)