As the holiday season approaches we’ve put together an iBeacon Planner to get the most out of your mobile marketing strategy.

A mobile wallet pass uses all the latest technologies including ones that work with iBeacons. Combine both these mobile elements to optimize a successful mobile wallet campaign.

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Inside this worksheet you’ll receive the insider track on best practices to determine your business needs in integrating iBeacons into your mobile marketing mix.

[DOWNLOAD WORKSHEET: Get the most out of a mobile market mix using iBeacons]

We make suggestions in the iBeacon Planner that will develop the framework that works with a mobile marketing strategy to increase revenue, create a mobile culture for loyal users that integrate with your current marketing efforts.

Our iBeacon Planner details the Insider Track by:

  • Explaining the technical iBeacon aspects in a way that businesses can understand.
  • Discovering Where vs. When messaging. Engage further with mobile updates that are seen right on the lock screen.
  • Using share features to expand a mobile wallet pass’ reach into social media profiles. Tell everyone that mobile ads work.


Take the steps in the iBeacon Planner to determine where and how you should spend your marketing dollars, thinking mobile first. Once you’ve downloaded the worksheet and filled it out, you’ll be able to see the where customers find you and how they act once they’ve done business with you.   

[NOTE: Here’s the link again to download our iBeacon Planner to get your business kickstarted running a mobile wallet campaign to include iBeacons.]

Build your mobile wallet campaign with iBeacons slowly by starting with one promotion and develop it with tweaks in your offers to make ad spend go further with mobile updates.

Have questions? Want to add a mobile wallet campaign to your business? Discover more about mobile wallet marketing by reading our blogs, listening to our podcasts or contacting us directly.