What’s the Best Way to Integrate iBeacon with the Mobile Wallet?

5 Simple Tips for Effectively Using iBeacons 


No matter what your industry, it’s nearly impossible that iBeacons WON’T help you communicate and engage with your prospects and customers more easily and more effectively.

Depending on the business you are marketing, the implementation could/should/would be different in order to get the maximum results and efficiency of your iBeacon install.  Most business owners don’t need more than a couple of iBeacons – the range is roughly 100 meters (100 yards) and they need to be spaced far enough apart that they won’t trigger conflicting messages to users.

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· If you’re in the retail, restaurant, salon, or other brick and mortar type business, trigger a coupon push.  I know, this should go without saying, but we’re still saying it.  A recent study found that 65% of users will redeem a coupon within 2 minutes of receiving it when you push it in a location or proximity aware context.

· If you are managing an event, layer an iBeacon at each entrance to enhance your geolocation IDs.  Think of this as macro and micro – the geofencing area is roughly 500 meters (500 yards) and obviously triggers much earlier on the mobile wallet passes than the iBeacon does.  Use the combination to direct event-goers based on type of ticket, traffic patterns at the event, or other flow-related needs.

· If you are a podcast professional, online marketer, or event speaker, direct users to find you via the iBeacon trigger.  Everyone loves to meet their favorite celebrity, coach, online personality, etc at trade shows, conferences or other events.  Carry your iBeacon on you if you are the gregarious type, or attach it under the table of your booth or exhibit.  Use the trigger to encourage users to interact with you or your team at the booth.

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· Using iBeacon and geo-location as part of your customer service strategy?  Tesco, the British market chain, does exactly this.  Via a combination of geofencing and iBeacons, they keep customers with returns, concerns or non-shopping needs moving in the correct direction to get the help they are looking for in a timely fashion.

· Realtor or broker hosting an open house?  You should also be looking at using a combination of geofencing and iBeacon notifications on your property listing passes; reach out to prospects and potential buyers with maps, driving directions, sign in requests and nearly anything else you can think of that they should know.

If you can’t quite figure out where to put your iBeacon, or you need some help developing your strategy for your mobile wallet marketing campaign, just drop us a line, we’re happy to help out!