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kim150Kim Stuart

Hi!  I’ve got lots of online experience; I started in the mid-90s with an online retail store and then spent more than a dozen years working with companies that specialize in transaction processing and affiliate sales/marketing.   In 2012, Hazel Fruitman and I began working with app developers seeking better discovery and monetization options.

When Apple launched Passbook (recently renamed to Apple Wallet), followed by the iBeacon, we became tremendously excited about the potential for small to mid sized businesses to be able to use the technology to compete in a cost effective manner with much larger and well funded competition.  It’s not every day that the average single owner business can create and deploy the same type of marketing that a large chain or big box retailer is using – especially not early in the game.  This leads most small businesses to constantly play a game of ‘catch-up’ with the behemoths that dominate retail, restaurant and service industries!

Our technology works with Apple’s Passbook and Google Wallet – both native, universal applications developed and maintained by Apple and Google, respectively.  For merchants, this means being able to create and deploy campaigns, coupons, loyalty offers directly to consumers – without having to create, maintain or support an expensive app.  This also relieves small business owners from the burden of having to entice users to download, use and keep their store specific apps on all those devices.



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Proximity Marketing with Beacons

Proximity Marketing with Beacons

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Wallet Marketing Updates for Small Business Owners

Wallet Marketing Updates for Small Business Owners

Engage and use technology for your business, wallet marketing updates for small business owners beat other forms to reach customers. I recently read an article from media post with the headline Mobile First’ to ‘Mobile Only’ Will Drive Online Retail Growth I thought,...

Monthly Plans From $99 is the best way to communicate with customers.  Whether it’s letting them know you’ve got special sales for a limited time, reminding them to visit you (especially when they’re near your competitors), or letting them know about changes to menu, operating hours, etc, MobileSavings is the fastest, most effective way to engage!

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