We don’t normally point out much about our competitors and what they are doing.

Frankly, there aren’t that many in the space, and most have specialized focuses.  One or two of them like to do complex, expensive, marquee type installations.  And we love that, since that’s not really what we like to do.  We don’t turn that work down, but a 10 month project can be wearing on the soul if not managed properly.

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But this time we could not help but comment.  One of our competitors is providing a white label product to a company in the UK (where we do business, for any UK-based folks reading this update), and they’re priced as if they were doing a super high end installation themselves. 

Veoo launches mobile wallet for loyalty vouchers – so of course, we had to bring it up here.  £250 for a single pass is nearly $400 USD!  Of course they haven’t said what type of updates and revisions will be made available in the process, but still, that’s a lot for a single pass.  Our single use pass for real estate agents and brokers – is only $39 monthly and it can be updated every week with new information.


So that’s the news for today, a bit of a shocker but what can you do?