Retailers are looking to embrace new trends in technology but some merchants don’t know how to go about it.

Big companies like Starbucks, Kohl’s and Sephora know how to engage, reward and keep a loyal customer; how does an independent storefront keep up? With the MobileSavings platform, we provide the latest technologies for any retail store or restaurant to fulfill customer engagement needs.

Here are a few factors that indicate that a merchant should consider using the MobileSavings platform:

  • Look for a retailer or restaurant to display current posts on several social media platforms including Facebook and Twitter
  • Find out their current offers
  • As these offers can seamlessly be added to our platform and distributed directly to their client base, in turn, a merchant is building up loyal customers effortlessly while continually staying engaged

Which marketing channels does a storefront merchant currently use to promote offers?  

Magazine ads, flyers, newspaper ads, in-app advertising, yellow pages,  in-store signage campaigns are all easily transferable to our MobileSavings platform, providing a direct reach to their customer’s mobile device when they are in range of the geo-fencing coordinates. Anyone with a storefront who runs any of the above mentioned campaigns should consider distributing them through the Mobile Savings platform.

Restaurants should consider upgrading their customer communications by not only displaying daily specials on their outside sandwich board, but by also transmitting these specials directly to patrons’ mobile devices, using either iBeacon or geo-fencing capabilities that are standard with the platform.

We’ve taken the latest retail technologies and made our platform easy for merchants’ empowered employees to use.

Our platform is an effective distribution channel that utilizes both Apple Passbook and Google Wallet to connect and engage with customer smartphones. This technology has now become an affordable one that merchants can use via the MobileSavings platform.