Time for a little bit of food for thought from Loyalty360.org (one of our favorite sources for all things loyalty!)

For one thing, LBS is the very, very new kid on the marketing technology block, which likely makes a lot of marketers and brands a bit nervous.  And it should.  Deploying LBS means a whole new level of insight to, and access to, individual’s purchasing habits.  Without context, this can bring us towards a whole new level of security and privacy concerns if we are not smart.     

Which is why we see the payoffs being huge for those brands that choose to develop their LBS plan carefully and strategically, and which respects and drives to a trusted relationship with the customer.  Thoughtfulness for the end value to the customer is paramount.  Something we marketers should have learned having survived the errors of telemarketers in the 1980’s and email spammers of the 2000’s. Because, in pop culture terms, “ain’t nobody got time for that.”  

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