Great article we ran across over the weekend from AndroidHeadlines

There’s a new study from the Phoenix Marketing International group that’s been making the rounds, and these guys break it down for you by platform brand –

It is no surprise that they younger crowds are more eager to adopt mobile payments – the Millennials (ages 18-32) are at an impressive 67-percent rate, and the Generation X (ages 33-48) are up to 50-percent.  These same individuals grew up using a credit or debit card to pay for anything…even a pack of gum.  These numbers work out to approximately 23 million Millennial and Generation X that are embracing Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Samsung Pay and will push it as the next big thing.  We now need to give these “apped up” users a place to shop – which does not seem a problem as banks and retailers eagerly try to enter this “ecosystem.” The study also showed those that had a Pay app on their device, 93-percent made at least one mobile purchase in a store and 81-percent made at least one in-app purchase.

We should also mention that we’re seeing a LOT more Apple Pay (and presumably Android Pay) at innocuous places like the local supermarkets or the drugstores.  The demographic is skewing a bit older than what these numbers indicate, but that could just be the geographical means and not a statistical anomaly.