Nothing like a recap of much ado over nothing to get your day going!  Frankly, we don’t agree with this opinion piece AT ALL.  Apple hasn’t yet demonstrated the ability to actually convert device owners into loyal users, Samsung Pay has just launched, LG announced that they’re behind on their launch, and Android Pay isn’t exactly breaking any records…

So the Paypals and other ‘has beens’ might not be out of the race just yet.

So, we are left with the death of the digital wallet concept and only the physical wallet survives, but in a mobile form. What does this mean? It means that banks can pretty much give up on their plans to launch their own wallets, they will need to partner with the operating system owners, or go home. “

Read it and weep for yourself –

Chief takeaway – the author of the original article is a bit of a whinger and he’s wrong.  There.  We have come out and said it.