What’s New & Novel for 2016

The sophistication of technologies that allow us to personalize our digital assistants is what’s happening to our smartphones now.

As another year comes to an end, I find myself writing yet another article about technology predictions for the new year.

Unlike other years, my prediction for next year is less about the new tech and more about how we’re going to use the tech; taking it to the next level, so to speak.  A sophistication of technologies is emerging, and smartphones becoming digital assistants is a key factor with trending technologies.

  • We’re seeing an overhaul of what digital design means and how it works with the Internet of Things (IoT), mobile wallets and voice commands, as well as the way we pay and hold/store information with our mobile wallets.

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As Steve Jobs says, “Design is not just want it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works”.

With that sentiment, design as thought-first is seen with creating the smartphones as digital assistants to work with the IoT in deploying a digital workforce.  Apple is leading the way with idealism with Apple University, training their workforce for their future roles in SaaS and IoT that is to work in together and link apps behind-the-scenes for a seamless digital experience.

No matter which device you’ve aligned yourself with, voice commands are becoming more relevant, demonstrated by my 4 year old’s speech patterns – he pronounces R as W,  and Y as L – yet Google Now seems to recognize this anyway.  While she may have been the first to have gained popularity, Apple’s Siri is still a step behind Google Now and Microsoft’s Cortana.

  • Voice commands will be seamlessly used a key function of digital assistants. They are also a predecessor to artificial intelligence (AI) which is one of the trends for 2016 that developers are working on.

All these technology upgrades are integrated with the development of mobile wallets. With the push for Apple Pay in China in the new year, we’ll start to see it being used amongst SMB using to broadcast their offers in effective manner with mobile wallet marketing. Now all companies can compete with mobilized ads in a localized manner to a captive audience that is interested in the brand, by extending the reach directly via smartphones.

Expanding its reach as a digital assistant, Apple is still making progress is plenty of areas that are gaining technology as part of their strategy with the growth of mobile payments with Apple Pay and using Apple Wallet. The strategy behind this is to upsell, pitch, and market to customers through loyalty.  Starbucks is one example of successful marketing in this manner.  

Web-based sites will be challenged by mobile with mobilized ads. Thomas Husson, A vice president and principal analyst serving B2C marketing professionals at Forrester Research remarks:

“And as the number continues to grow, customer-obsessed business leaders have vast opportunities to deliver great customer experiences via mobile”

  • As app development costs have decreased over the last few years, they still cost money and take a lot more than SMBs have in they’re marketing budget.  Messaging and localized ads are easy as ever.
  • Apple Wallet along with Google Wallet will be the most convenient way to market and brand to a captive audience as digital assistants become more personalized.
  • Personalization goes along way with design with smartphones becoming digital assistants in 2016. AI is scheduled to make a breakthrough as technology sophistication emerges.

All this will have an effect on how we use mobile wallets as Apple Pay will make waves in China while North America is still getting their feet wet.

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