Online coaches use mobile updates to extend their reach to engage with a mobile audience using digital business cards.

Like any marketing professional, online coaches knows the value in leveraging marketing channels using social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Google to acquire more clients. Building an email list to inform prospects of your next offer or to create traffic to educational articles. Mobile messages updates to reach and engage traffic right to their mobile device.

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An optimized digital business card establishes a conversion funnel easily with a marketing message that is displayed on the lock screen.


A mobile pass seamless converts from one mobile offer to the next one. Turning leads into loyal mobile clients. Retention on mobile enhances brand authority.

A digital business card goes further when you optimize your networks. Represent your brand further by sharing the digital business card on social networks as Facebook or Twitter. Share the pass from the back of the pass.


Online coaches use a digital business card to engage using mobile updates. create a mobile ad campaign thats compelling to a mobile culture.

Builds and monetize your mobile offers using a digital business card to leverage mobile marketing channel.

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Here’s a way to optimize your mobile updates to inform your followers of your next in coaching journey. If you are a coach that uses a live video stream on Facebook or Periscope showing a behind the scenes look creates brand equity.

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A mobile message informs users of when your live stream starts. Since most are watching it from mobile, inform them by reminding them when your live and provide a one-tap link Call-to-action to give direct streaming access.

Build a mobile marketing strategy that works with digital business cards for online coaches. Notifications of live stream strategies is sustainable and scalable to optimize mobile wallet campaigns that drive revenue and grow your business.

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