We keep reading about this, so maybe it’s a done deal.  But if not, then Apple should look at the situation from all angles.  Gosh knows, they don’t need the money, as this would be a pittance compared to the rest of the loot they rake in…

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Offering app devs the opportunity to buy their way to the top of the search results is nothing new.  Right now the companies with the big marketing budgets are the ones that show up in the top ten, and the little guys get spit out the back.

[Tweet “What makes you think the little guys can afford to buy positions on paid search results in the app store?”]

Yeah, that’s the point.  They can’t afford that either.  So nothing much changes, but that one little gem that might find it’s way to the top most likely won’t with paid results.

The advertising model would charge developers to have their apps more prominently displayed at the top of the page based on keyword bids — similar to how paid-search advertising works on Google, Bing and Yahoo, according to Bloomberg, citing sources familiar with the project.

Google began running install ads in mobile search results and the PlayStore in 2014.

App discovery is one of the biggest challenges for developers and a major part of the advertising revenue remains tied to promotion of the app.

Something to think about, eh?