NPR is on the up side of the bell curve, for sure.

…the broadcaster’s other primary app, NPR One, which launched in 2014, brought in downloads that were not available when Pew did the research in 2015; so over 600,000 downloads between Android and iPhone devices were added. And while downloads were down for most devices, the average number of monthly sessions for all but NPR News on the iPad were up in this year’s study.

Lots of new app installs for both of the NPR apps, and lots of traction in their markets.  There was a bit of a kerfluffle earlier in the year between the participating stations and the management, mostly stemming from Ira Glass’ admission at SXSW that his flagship show – This American Life – was generating more revenue from the podcast than the radio show.

Likewise, NPR expanded its podcast portfolio and its number of unique weekly podcast users. The addition of four new podcasts to its stable—“Invisibilia,” a “Hidden Brain” weekly podcast, “NPR Politics Podcast,” and “Embedded”—helped increase weekly podcast users to an average of 2.5 million, up from the 2 million NPR saw in 2014.

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Podcasts are making big gains overall as well.

iTunes now lists more than 300,000 different series in the App Store, and Stitcher was recently acquired by Scripps Media, although that’s not a popular move with many bloggers and podcast hosts.

Forbes and CBS have both recently launched new podcast networks to meet a growing demand of people who want to be heard but don’t have the knowledge or ability to do it themselves.