Podcast marketing is critical to building your listener base and reducing your churn rate.

Sending timely reminders to listeners using mobile updates will increase your engagement, shares and subscribes.

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Mobile reminders are one of the most effective ways to convince current subscribers to listen to your new (or older) episodes and to let people know when you have uploaded new material.

Some podcast players like Stitcher or Google Play Podcasts send mobile notifications to devices with their specific app installed; however, you can update your listener base directly without using an app when you leverage Apple Wallet or a variety of Android wallets to manage your notifications for you. 

We use this strategy to promote our podcast, and it garners positive results –

We employ this strategy for each new episode that we produce.  Check out our listener growth!

podcast stats

Here’s more about our growth strategy for promoting our own podcast –

We created a customized pass for our podcast, Mobile Wallet Marketing Made Easy.  Each time we release a new episode, we send a lock screen notification to all of our subscribers, detailing the new episode title on the lock screen notification.

Here’s a lock screen notification on iPhone:

mobile update on lock screen

Users are encouraged to check out the update directly from the lock screen.  They can see the front and the back of the update without having to unlock their phone, making it super convenient.

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Since most people listen to podcasts on mobile, we find this to be a very effective method of communication.  Couple that with the fact that people look at their lock screen between 80 and 150 times daily, and you’re delivering your message in a medium that is unlikely to be overlooked.  

Mobile update links are accessible with just a couple of taps. 

The last two weeks on our social media pages this image has appeared describing what a mobile update is:

“Mobile updates are messages from a mobile wallet pass that are seen on the lock screen of a users phone.”

We post on social media and drive search engine traffic directly to our add links for our podcast, so prospective listeners can add the mobile update to their phone in one simple step.  We also include a variety of links on the back of the update that listeners may find relevant.

Mobile Updates on Podcast Marketer Product

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Podcasts as varied as The Tommy Chong Podcast and the NYTimes’ Modern Love are using mobile updates as a key part of their podcast marketing strategy.

TC episode update lock screen

The ability to market to listeners using both sides of the mobile update (using PodcastMarketer) offers multiple options for engagement across a variety of channels, including social media, video, or almost any app that iOS or Android recognizes. 

Tap the (i)                                           update TC front of pass

It’s simple to flip the mobile update and access the materials on the back, the “i” in the lower right offers more information. 

Many podcast producers choose to include links to a variety of platforms and players where they promote their media, in order to increase their listens via that channel. 

back of pass MWMME 4                                        TC listen links

The subscriber is engaged and listens from his mobile phone with one tap.  

We’ve seen phenomenal results in listener increases and added engagement that can be directly attributed to the implementation of mobile updates into our basic marketing strategy.   Integrating mobile as our “hub” where we control the “spokes” – social media links, video marketing links, web links, etc – allows us to streamline campaigns and offer listeners content in a medium that’s convenient or preferred.  

By tying it all together from a central location, we can monitor our results and see the real value that specific pieces of a campaign bring to the success or failure of that campaign.