What can one mobile update do?

One notification on a mobile device measures new ways brands engage using proximity marketing with beacons.

Its reshaping the way retailers market engage all from sending the right message at the right time. Known as mobile updates.

Beacons trigger attention to smartphones when they’re most effective and resonates with your customers.

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Proximity marketing using beacons is a mobile strategy that easily integrates with your current online and offline efforts. More than a million beacons are installed in retail environments increasing their brand’s value by providing mobile moments.

The large retailer Macy’s reported a 74% lift in foot traffic, meaning that notifications triggered by Beacons as mobile updates throughout the store led shoppers to make a larger transaction value than without it.

Both tech giants Apple and Google support beacons with proximity marketing as Apple released  iBeacon technology in 2013 and while in 2015 Google released the Eddystone beacon. They both provide similar protocols by pushing notifications to mobile devices in data packets. Known as mobile updates

In a recent Think with Google article, proximity marketing with beacons 

…enables a seamless, cross-channel shopping experience.

Create a mobile moment in the shopper’s journey, the article continues…

For consumers, this means a frictionless shopping experience, with fewer gaps between channels.

Retailers engage and see bottomline results, the article goes on to say

For retailers, it means reaching the right person at the right time with the right message, with new and improved metrics to measure success.

Are you still not sure about mobile updates work?

We offer a proximity marketing worksheet where we break down how companies can get the most using beacons that engage with mobile updates.

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Brands that use proximity marketing with beacons generate buzz and excitement to further engage with those interested in your brand.

That’s what a mobile update can do!