Talk about solving a problem…  this could be it.  

ReJoiner claims that more than 80% of online carts are abandoned.  Forrester claims 55% on the low end, so the actual percentage of items loaded into a cart that never make it through the checkout process is HUGE.

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And then along came Apple Pay.  The modern day equivalent of Paypal’s Buy Now button or the second generation of Amazon’s One Click technology.

“Oh, you’d like to have those lovely shoes and get them on their merry way before happy hour prices are done?”  — No problem, just put your thumb…  right here!  Woohoo, we have a winner!

In all seriousness, this has the potential to be a win-win for everyone involved, except of course for Amazon and Paypal.  And anyone else that has a Buy Now type of button without the Apple Pay option attached to it.  New laptops and stuff with fingerprint pads on them, I guess it’s a no brainer extension.

The pitch to retailers and e-commerce sites was straightforward: Apple Pay will help you convert more mobile visitors into purchasers. Apple’s fingerprint sensor eliminates the need to enter payment and shipping information, which can be a cumbersome task on small devices and cause shoppers to end a shopping session without completing a purchase.

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And the security factor?  HUGE.  Unless some Russian stole your finger, they know it was you.  Goodbye chargebacks, banks and merchants will LOVE this deal.