Most of the mobile users today know far too well what happens when push notifications are sent to them, either they love it or hate it. And they can keep coming through to your device app and sometimes you can’t figure out which app it is. That is not the case with MobileSaving’s platform.

A key feature of our system allows for notifications to be displayed on a customer’s lock screen of their mobile device.  With this prime positioning comes prime responsibility.

For retailers looking to entice their customers as they pass by their store, it is important to engage at the right time and with the right message can improve results by 40%.

Here are 3 Best Practices to create the right message, at the right time:

  1.  One message a day keeps Apple away
  2. Message is clear, concise and compact
  3. Create message to entice customer

Since this notification is being pushed out to the lock screen of a mobile device there is a 250 character limit you want to make every word count, since most smartphones vary due to the screen size.

Here are some general guidelines to follow along with our best practices when crafting a message:

Click Rate Comparison of Number of Words in a Message:

  • 8.8% – 10 or Fewer Words
  • 4.9% – 11-20 Words
  • 3.2% – 21 or Greater Words


  • Notice that one word can make a real difference. The click rate of 10 words or less is just about double than 11- 20 words.

Common Keywords used in notifications and their click rate response:

  • Today, Deals 6%
  • Win, Awesome 7%
  • Game 8%
  • Start, Deal 9%
  •  Ends 12%
  • Super, Offer 17%


  • We found that words like offer, super and ends have a higher click rate than common gaming keywords as win deal or today.


When crafting your message with the MobileSavings system keep in mind that it’s best to identify the value, goal or reward behind the notification. That way you’ll prompt passerby intrigued enough to enter your store. Our platform makes it easy to engage with your customer base. To learn more about iBeacon message strategy and to get it working for you, please contact us for a demo.