Mobile marketing is one of those terms that seems like it could apply to anything, but might really apply to nothing specific at all.  Is mobile marketing something done while walking?  Running?  Or while potential customers are doing the same?

Mobile marketing is a very small space with huge potential, when you stop and look at it.  There are more consumers (potential customers with disposable income) carrying smart devices than plain old cell phones these days, and these devices are offer merchants the opportunity to engage with their client base in ways and to a degree that’s never been possible previously.

What’s the Catch?

There’s no real catch, other than merchants still have to market to their customers or else there won’t be interaction between the consumer and the merchant via the mobile device.  Opt-in marketing means the end user agrees to be notified, updated, contacted, etc by the merchant (when the merchant wants to do so, also known as push notification), and they do so by actively adding a pass to their wallet.  No tricks, no sneaking around, no stealing customer data or other junk that not only is borderline illegal, but also gives app developers and those deploying that sort of stealth marketing a black eye that extends to the entire industry.

Customers Want Deals.

They want to know when you’ve got promotions.  They want you to make their lives easier and their budgets stretch further.  They would like to be helped, not hindered, when attempting to make a purchase or save a few pennies here and there.  They want you, the merchant, to work with them, the consumer.  You know, a partnership.  Where each partner gets something out of the relationship.

That’s right.