Since 2013, Apple gave birth to exciting opportunities for iBeacon technology opening the door for proximity marketing.


According to a report by ABI Research, there are as many as 7 million iBeacons deployed already with demands of shipments set to break 500 million mark in 5 years.


Over the last couple of years, we at Mobile Wallet Marketer are watching closely as Big Sports beta-tests proximity campaigns in their arenas. As many as 93 percent of all MLB stadiums have iBeacons deployed through them. NFL are next at 75% of their stadiums use proximity marketing to increase their bottomline.

Both NHL and NBA teams only deploy beacons throughout half their arenas. Here are the latest metrics we could find with NBA teams using proximity marketing to gain more revenue. Teams as Golden State, Cleveland and Orlando account success within the testing the beacon proximity by marketing directly to fans.

The 2015 NBA champions, Golden State Warriors use iBeacons in the Oracle Arena in Oakland, CA. The goal for them is to use iBeacons to boost seat sales. As the beacons directly accounted for 11 percent of the seat upgrades for the season. Not only that, the proximity-project paid for itself half way through the season. That’s a huge ROI.  The Atlanta Hawks boasted a 9 percent increase using the same marketing strategy to boost seat upgrades.

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Cleveland Cavaliers, the 2016 NBA champions placed iBeacons throughout the Quicken Loans arena to improve relations with fans by giving them a better experience. Location based push messages were delivered to instill engagement with teams.

Messages from the owners, the night’s lineup, and fun facts were delivered directly to fans on their mobile phone.


Retailers outside the arena have the opportunity to connect with mobile ready sports fans with local offerings to help stir the local economy.


Orlando Magic updated its app using iBeacons and saw a better user experience and increased ticket sales. After scrapping their existing app with a new one using the latest Apple technology, engaging fans with offers for food/beverage/merchandise and tickets sales saw increases over $1 million in ticket sales.


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These are just a few ways big venues use beacon and proximity marketing to increase sales. Any event or venue can do the same. Mobile Wallet Marketer has the ability for you to adopt the same mobile strategies the NBA use to boost their revenue.


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The NBA shared its result to show that that iBeacon and proximity marketing is a money-maker for them and it can be for you too. Ticket upgrades and mobile offerings both lead to increase in sales for all these few teams.

Mobile Wallet Marketer gives any size venue, arena or event planner with the same marketing strategy that Big Sports uses.