Last week, I gave a talk at a trade show in Vancouver.

As you might expect, I addressed the topic, mobile marketing. I was invited to speak about building my list. It was interesting as I was on a panel with marketers who have built their email list to over 100,000 subscribers. My slant is trade show marketing using a mobile wallet pass.

As I took the microphone during the panel, I educated my audience “that mobile wallet marketing is more than just “building a list” continuing on “..It’s not just building a list but a mobile-first culture that engages with both prospects and clients.”

I pull out my iPhone, ask everyone in the room to turn on AirPlay. I then shared my mobile wallet pass and asked them to add it to Apple Wallet.

I explained  that the rest of the day, walking through the conference, I’ll remind you of my location and the location of my booth- all with mobile updates that are seen right on the lock screen.

“Growing these loyal users where they are looking – right at their phones, even better – right on their lock screen!” 

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“A mobile experience is one that engages with the user…” I explained further that in mobile marketing, “building a list” is not sending an entire email out to subscribers. Instead, send mobile updates to loyal users.

These mobile updates are offers, educational messages, reminders or location based messages, the types of updates are endless.”

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These messages direct your users to your content, drive your traffic from the back of a pass.

At events continue to gain leads with a mobile wallet passes. Provide interested prospects of ways to keep in contact using a mobile device, not just with a business card.

  • prospects will never lose your number or email again. With one tap from the back of a mobile wallet pass, Call to action links are right there.
  • social media links – Add your profiles to the back of the pass, encourage prospects to easily share your mobile wallet pass
  • iBeacon – message attendees towards your booth to gain more foot traffic


Afterwards, drinking a cocktail at happy hour an attendee tracked me down to tap me on the shoulder to ask: “I understand its important to build my list but when do I start promoting to it?”

I took a sip of my drink, gave him some solid advice and told him to start immediately – as its not the size of your list that matters it’s how you engage with them.

A mobile update to engage with loyal users turns them into hyper-responsive buyers. Its amazing when SMBs stay ahead of the competition when using mobile wallet passes with their trade show marketing.

Do not let your competition sneak up behind you, instead leave them in the dust with attendees using trade show marketing.

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Remember, growing a loyal users with a better mobile experience, is like building an email list. A mobile update is your hook. Let your user know the cool or exciting things you have for them. Use the headline of your article to engage. A trade show marketing strategy will benefit any size event. Offer attendees to stay engaged using their mobile phones.