Here’s an awesome implementation of beacons and mobile wallet marketing that we just had to share (it’s not our implementation, but that’s ok!) – has implemented an in the grocery store, get your recipe and your shopping list style implementation with iBeacon contact via the users mobile phone –

Check out this story from earlier in the week

Users of the Allrecipes Dinner Spinner app will receive notifications while shopping at bricks-and-mortar locations in Ohio at beacon-equipped Marc’s.

Right now it looks like they’re limited to a few stores in Ohio, but we would expect it to spread to other regions based on the success of the program.  Hillshire Farms had a similar program a couple of years ago, which demonstrated MASSIVE increases in purchase intent and actual purchasing of a new product they launched using proximity marketing.

One more tidbit from the article and you can, of course, click through above to read the whole thing –

The beacon deployment provides contextual information and recipes to target users when they are most likely to engage with content. When app users with push notifications enabled walk into a Marc’s store, they will receive a message that informs them of a particular ingredient’s discounted price, along with recipes that feature it.