We’ll take a quick look at using a mobile wallet marketing platform and how you can determine campaign goals relative to the technology.


In case you’re not super familiar with the mobile wallet marketing platform and how it works, here’s a brief rundown:

  1. Design a “pass” that drops into Apple Wallet or a third party wallet for Android.
  2. Market the passes just like you would an email signup campaign or a social marketing audience builder campaign.
  3. Use the mobile wallet marketing platform to update your offers dynamically – whether it’s a new podcast episode, a change in the listing price of a property for sale, or transitioning to an entirely new offer
  4. Take advantage of lock screen notifications via push, geo-fencing and iBeacons to increase engagement and interactivity with prospects
  5. Target messages based on time or location to increase awareness of your brand or product, and to encourage sharing and referrals

[Tweet “Seriously, that’s about it.  No rocket science, no magic beans.  “]

The mobile wallet marketing platform is your direct connection to the people you want to reach.


Now that you have the lowdown on the how, let’s talk about the why for a moment –

In days gone by, when the “innerwebs” were young and people did not have smart phones, there was absolutely no reason to try and reach out on mobile via anything but SMS messaging.   SMS is still a viable means of contact with prospects and customers, but it’s expensive and fraught with peril – message the wrong guy and find yourself in court, just like Facebook.  

Taking the place of pure SMS is the mobile wallet – it’s a multi-dimensional approach that enables you, the marketer, to create a hub for your omnichannel messaging, to always present the latest version of your campaign, and to do it in an unobtrusive way that is subtle yet engaging, in the form of lock screen messaging.

Here’s a quote from an article in EContentMag.com – 

The key takeaway? “Don’t design mobile programs for the sake of having mobile,” she says. “It needs to seamlessly connect to your customer’s larger omnichannel relationship with your brand or store.”  

The mobile wallet marketing platform does the heavy lifting, but you still have to decide what you want it to carry.


How can you do that effectively?  Just like any other type of campaign – social media advertising, SEO, programmatic, influencer marketing, etc – you’ll need to narrow your focus to a single goal.

For our podcast, Mobile Wallet Marketing Made Easy, we have a very simple goal that is the key to our mobile wallet marketing platform campaign – to get more wallet pass installs for the podcast updates.  That’s our primary goal (our only goal really), and we focus all our campaign efforts on this target.


Why do we focus on getting more installs?   It’s simple, really.


That’s more people we can message each time we have a new episode (or each time we want to push an offer, if we decide to go that route), and potentially increase our listener numbers, especially with people who have listened to at least one episode previously.

The more familiar a person becomes with our technology and our message, the more likely they are to contact us for a demo of the mobile wallet marketing platform, and the more likely they are to purchase a subscription or try a $7 digital business card.

Initially, we believe that everyone should focus on getting installs, and learning how to gently message users to get the best response rate.  With a ~90% retention rate (beat that with email, SMS or ANYTHING ELSE, we dare you!), there’s plenty of time and opportunity for converting installs into buyers, sellers or referrers – depending on what your main campaign goal is ultimately.


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