Lunch @ The Turn Menu “App”

The ultimate goal of all mobile wallet campaigns is increased customer engagement by providing timely and contextually appropriate information to the user.

Atlas Rewards has recently deployed a unique and fascinating mobile wallet marketing campaign that demonstrates remarkable flexibility and universal appeal from retail to real estate or any mobile engagement.

It combines the basic elements of a mobile wallet marketing campaign:

  • mobile wallet passes
  • geofencing
  • a web-based information page
  • active links on the phone

 Mobile Wallet Golf Menu AppBackground

First some background for the non-golfers in the audience – one of the drawbacks in the game of golf is the amount of time it takes to play. An average round of golf takes nearly 5 hours. Adding travel to and from the course, warm up time prior to play, and time to socialize afterwards, it’s nearly a full day’s activity. Naturally, food and drink become an important part of the day on the course.


Golf courses provide golfers with the opportunity to grab some food after playing the front nine holes (referred to as ‘making the turn’ from the front nine to the back nine.) Unfortunately, this holds up play as each foursome orders and then waits for their food to be prepared and served. To reduce this waiting time, many courses provide a phone out at the 9th tee along with a menu board to encourage players to make their orders for lunch in advance with the goal of speeding up play. However, a single menu and single phone line only slightly improves this process.

Our Solution

Our client’s snack bar is called ‘The Turn’. They have a menu posted at the 9th tee encouraging players to call in their orders using their cell phones. Although several people were calling in their orders from the course, because they had the number in their phones and knew what they wanted, many were not calling in because they didn’t have the number saved or didn’t know what was on the menu and forgot to check it at the 9th tee and call.

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We created a Passbook pass for The Turn, the “Lunch @ The Turn App”, that includes two geofencing elements – one at the 8th tee and one at the 9th tee – and live links on the back of the pass to the menu and phone number for The Turn. When players arrive at the 8th tee, they receive a notification on their lock screen suggesting that it’s time to order food from The Turn, and are reminded again at the 9th tee to place their order.

Live links on the back of the pass link to a URL that displays the lunch menu on the phone and the phone number that dials automatically when clicked.

This new capability provides the players with access to the menu and phone number directly to their cell phones using geofencing to put them at their fingertips when and where needed. The members are now ordering more frequently and ordering different food items from the extensive menu, including the specialty items being offered. Many have commented that simply having all the relevant information on the phone is, by itself, very convenient.

Convenience, increased sales, improved member service; the trifecta of successful mobile wallet customer engagement!


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