Ok, you just don’t see this every day – a billboard has gone up in Phoenix AZ (our corporate home these days) and it’s a giant marijuana leaf, advertising for a medical marijuana prescribing doctor.

Actually, in Phoenix (which is a medical only use state), you do see these sorts of things a little more often than other places – it was just a couple of months ago that a pro-legalization group ran a billboard ad just in time for the NCAA Football Championship game crowds to flood the town.

A billboard recently went up near 3rd Street and Camelback Road. 

It reads “The Marijuana Doctor” and has a giant protruding marijuana leaf on the ad.

The Marijuana Doctor is a clinic that provides recommendations to patients so that they can obtain a medical marijuana card. 

Company spokesperson Micheal Peyron said they’re trying to get rid of the stigma surrounding marijuana as a medicine, and that’s why the ad is so eye-catching. 

Read the rest of the story at the news website where we found it – 

What is it with Arizona and billboards?  We just saw on the news tonight that there’s an 80 foot tall billboard on Sunset Blvd in LA extoling the virtues of living in Scottsdale.  Let’s see if it’s still flying come August.