Wow, who knew?

The new ad campaign, titled “The California Way,” uses images and quotes from actual California cannabis farmers to personify the tens of thousands of individuals, families and collectives who together comprise California’s most lucrative agricultural industry. Medical marijuana sales in California hit $2.7 billion last year, accounting for nearly half of all legal marijuana sales in the country, The New York Times said, citing cannabis research companies.

So a cannabis delivery company in the Bay area is going full court press with their advertising and marketing in advance of 4/20 (you know, that day!) and they’ve got billboards, videos, Facebook ads (not entirely sure how), Instagram, Twitter, and so on.

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It’s amazing that the cannabis industry is already at a point where they consider omnichannel marketing to be a normal, everyday occurrence.  This signals either big money moving into the field or big movers with sharp marketing backgrounds moving into the field.