Mobile is the predominant force for being connected in today’s technological age. 

Major tech companies drive towards a mobile-first experience. Facebook declared mobile as early back as 2012 after it went public and now 85% of its revenue is from mobile. Google made good with Mobilegeddon in 2015  – warning everyone with a website to update it by making it mobile-friendly.  As Google ranks sites it labels as “mobile-friendly” higher on mobile search results.

No matter the generation, mobile makes it easier to reach people, an underlying fundamental is that its easier to reach out to people, creating a mobile-first experience. Mobile advertising is the future  – Be certain that your business is seen on mobile. Mobile wallet passes are an easy way to engage with your mobile marketing campaigns for any generation.

How does each generation fare with technology?

Generation Age Years Born
 Traditionalists  70+  1900 – 1945
 Baby Boomers  52-70  1946 – 1964
 Generation X  34 – 51  1965 – 1980
 Gen Y / Millennials  18 – 32  1981 – Present

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Generational User Behavior:

 To see the future of mobile advertising, look back at past generations.


Traditionalists, those born in the first two world wars have had to adapt to technology. They remember the days before the digital revolution and the best way to reach them is still through ads using traditional media methods such as TV, radio and print.

Don’t count out the senior generation, they are making gains to use tablets for video calls and respond well to emails. The simplicity of tapping makes it easy to use a tablet or mobile device, makes it easy to serve mobile advertising to them.

Baby Boomers:

After WWII, the baby boomers came and now they are becoming the seniors to millennials, they acquired digital technology. They know what a strong work ethic is and have longer attention spans then they’re grandchildren. Growth of mobile devices amongst baby boomers is seen through emails and mobile searches and non-gaming apps.

Generation X:

They assimilated technology as fast as they could, Generation X understands traditional media because they grew up on it. They spend time using all types of media across devices more so then millennials do.


The entitlement generation in a digital age. They never knew of rotary phones or quick long distance that were made at night because the rates were cheaper. With shorter attention spans, they want it and they want it now.

Thats where mobile experience comes in. Mobile updates seen right on the lock screen, millennials receive mobile advertising that is seen where people are looking, right on their lock screen.

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Mobile advertising is the future as people look at their lock screen over 80 times a day. For some its just habit and for others its responding to notifications. 

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Emails are effective amongst all generations despite millennials all over social media, they still responds to emails – on mobile.

Millennials spend most of their time on a mobile device. The reply to emails, shop, search, respond to social media and use apps, spending an average of 12 hours up from 13 minutes in 2013, that almost 100-fold of time spend on mobile.

One fundamental amongst all these generations is that the digital age can not be ignored, mobile behavior, mobile-thinking – mobile advertising is the future.