We’ve been busy getting the word out to retailers about our new platform. At Mobile Savings Network, we tap into the latest iBeacon technology to provide retailers the opportunity to increase their foot traffic to receive more patrons. A simple QR scan to your customer’s mobile device allows them to receive special offers timed to them as they pass by your store.  Last month I introduced iBeacon technology to a a crab restaurant in Alameda, CA and they were “Wowed” that they can reach out those who passed by their store.

By adding an iBeacon, they increased its sales. In one month, their sales raised 65% from the same time last year. Releasing timely offers during the lunch rush makes sense to them.  Offers used as campaigns on our platform, are directly sent to their mobile device and is seen on the customer’s lock screen. A campaign is more than adding a bag of chips to offer their patrons, its reaching out to their patrons to send immediate discounts that they actually use.

Mobile Savings Network is an affordable platform geared towards small and medium sized business. Our location based marketing channel is easy to use and simple to learn. No matter the store front, we’re here to make it easier for you to reach out to your customer and increase your sales bottom line. No app is needed to engage with customers. It’s all done using Apple’s Passbook and Google Wallet already pre-installed on mobile devices. Right now when you sign up receive an iBeacon for free. Start messaging your customers now at sales.mobilesavings.net where #phsysicalmeetsdigital